5 tips for dating safely

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There are lots of things we could say about love. Here are our tips on how to stay safe while you strike up romance.

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Go you! Here are a few ideas. That way, in case anything happens to you or them, you have access to information that can make all the difference between twisting in the wind in confusion or being able to track down solid answers. And, even then, they can be assholes.

There was a time when online dating and background check platforms were completely incompatible. There was also a time where meeting people online was mostly unthinkable. Now, we use our cell phones to summon mysterious drivers from the ether to transport us to and from encounters with romantic interests we met via a swiping function on an app.

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Modern life is really something else. Simply provide a first name, a phone and — boom! That information can go a long way toward ensuring your safety.

15 dating safety tips that could literally save your life

While running a background check might seem a little The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- ish at first, consider this: much of the time, domestic violence offenders repeat their behaviors across a series of relationships. Most background check systems rely on — and are limited by — their access to public records. After all, many gender-based crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence are not reported. To learn more about Garbo, its features and how you can use it in your own life. If you know someone has a criminal record, you can submit information to use to help our systems.

If so, welcome to the fold, detective!

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Fortunately, inmost people are very online, and for that reason, you may have the opportunity to learn quite a bit about your date through something as simple as a cursory Google search. You can also try using one of their photos from their dating profile to conduct a reverse image search. That might help safely you to other profiles, from which you can gather even more information.

You are tip information about them that is germane to your safety. If a potential partner is misleading you about their identity in any way, that should probably come up well before for meet up with them face-to-face and potentially put your safety in their hands. Nowadays, some online dating matching algorithms lean heavier on friends-of-friends than others.

This is great news, as it gives you an awareness of social affinities your match might have with people you work or socialize with. What can you tell me about them? Not quite! There are still a couple of precautions you should take in the interest of safety before meeting up in person.

Before you make that choice, however, consider the following…. What if the date totally sucks? What if you bailed on your friends to go see this guy who turned out to be a total jerk?

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We recommend choosing an off-day during the midweek, at an earlier point in the evening. Speaking of keeping the ball in your court, we recommend that you be very assertive about choosing the location of your encounter. Such locations tend to have better lighting and a more populous clientele than bars, meaning that if anything goes wrong, there may be people around to vouch for you.

Bars, on the other hand, tend to be darkly lit, and not exactly conducive to reliable memories. Another tip? Just think: what if your date starts loving the place as much as you do? The research has been conducted. The date has been set.

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The particular are in place… and now, the fated day has come. Here are steps you can take to combat that anxiety and further ensure your safety. Not everyone wants to put themselves out there or to share the details about their dating life with others. There are a variety of ways to do this — we recommend simply giving them yours and asking theirs — but the point is that you need to collect this information, and then text it to your friend immediately.

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One precaution you can take to ensure your safety is to take advantage of the GPS that your smartphone is likely equipped with. There are variety of native and third-party location tracking apps you can take advantage of on your date night. Some obvious red flags that should immediately turn you off about your date include lies about their age, height give them the half an inch or so…masculinity can be so toxic or other basic details.

Other red flags can be abound. How much are they drinking? How much are they encouraging you to drink? Do they seem to hold opinions that are problematic to you — that are deal breakers?

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Remember that friend you were sharing the datings about your date with? Let them know that if they text you this phrase, they should know to immediately call you in a panic, asking you to come to wherever they are as soon as possible.

If that friend is your mom — or someone capable of playing that role effectively — even better! So, your date is complete. Thank them for looking out for you, offer to do the same for them if it applies, and call it a night. This will keep the ball in your court as you take the time to watch your relationship grow. Using our methods, you can do just that. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, tip and undiscovered voices alike dive for the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

Learn more. If you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or a safely to offer — welcome home. Write on Medium. Garbo Follow. Garbo A new kind of background check. A new kind of background check.

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