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People's privacy is violated without any suspicion of wrongdoing, former National Security Agency contractor claims. The US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden has warned that entire populations, rather than just individuals, now live under constant surveillance.

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Snowden made his comments in a short video that was played before a debate on the proposition that surveillance today is a euphemism for mass surveillance, in Toronto, Canada. What state surveillance actually is, is defended by the NSA's actual words, that phrase they use over and over again: 'Collect it all.

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Dershowitz and Hayden spent the rest of the 90 minutes of the debate denying that the pervasive surveillance systems described by Snowden and Greenwald even exist and that surveillance programs are necessary to prevent terrorism. Greenwald sparred with Dershowitz and Hayden about whether or not the present method of metadata collection would have prevented the terrorist attacks on 11 September, While Hayden argued that intelligence analysts would have noticed the of telephone calls from San Diego to the Middle East and caught the terrorists who were living illegally in the US, Greenwald argued that one of the primary reasons the US authorities failed to prevent the attacks was because they were taking in too much information to accurately sort through it all.

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This article is more than 7 years old. Edward Snowden ed a debate on surveillance, by video link from Russia. Associated Press.

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